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 April Guild Meeting: Points Roundup

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Chief Operative
Chief Operative

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PostSubject: April Guild Meeting: Points Roundup   Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:16 am

Here's the lowdown of what was discussed at the April Guild Meeting on 17.04.2011



Veteran Agent Tando

In Attendance:

Chief Operative Sureshot

Chief Operative Lunarwolf

Special Agent Caryington

Special Agent PrioryJK

Agent Viking

(Thanks to all for attending)


Activity discussion

In an attempt to increase general Guild Activity, it was decided that the Initiates need more of an active role during their Trial Period.
Due to this the following will be introduced:

* Each Initiate will have their own short 'Introductory' RP as part of their Trial Period. This will likely be in D-RP format, but this is undergoing discussion. These RPs will be shorter than others, probably no more than a week of active posts.
* Another 'open' RP will be introduced where players can 'come and go', much like The Hyperion. However, this will most likely be more of a gladitorial / combat simulator RP which will use the D-RP system* to keep it fast and action-orientated.
* Initiate / Mentor System: We've decided that each Initiate will also be assigned an Agent partner during their Trial Period. The Initiate will direct all questions/queries to said Agent, and the Agent will be responsible for helping the Initiate make their way through the Trial Period process. Rather than have one Agent in charge of this (such as Witya for example) we decided that it should be 1 Agent per Initiate, though all Agents assinged to mentor duties will report about their Initiate's progress to Initiate Mentor Witya who will oversee the system.

Posting in the Recruitment Thread

It was pointed out that The Recruitment Thread is still not getting enough people posting there. To combat this, we would ask the following:

* Chief Operatives & Special Agents to post there every day unless absent

* Agents post there every week minimum unless absent

Please be aware that failure to abide by this will be considered a form of Inactivity and WILL be noted.

It was also discussed what the best use of the EPOCH Swtor Guild Page would be.
Obviously the 'private' forum is for our own use, but it was decided that the 'public' forum would best serve as a 'News Feed' about the Guild as well as somewhere to promote it beyond basic recruitment (advertising, propoganda etc Wink )
This could also work as a "first buffer" for perspective Initiates - depending on how they prove themselves there means they get invited onto these forums.
To that end, we are in discussions about Initiates posting their Applications there, on the EPOCH Swtor Guild Page Open Forums, rather than here on the site. We'll let you know what happens with that in due course.

As Recruitment is such an issue (due in part to game retention, admittedly), we have decided to appoint a Recruiter from within the Agents ranks. Said individual will be responsible for chasing up daily/weekly posts on the recruitment thread, monitoring of the public EPOCH Swtor Guild page, scouting for new recruits and helping with the selection process of possible new Initiates. This new role will be presented on the Forums shortly for anyone interested in taking up the position.

Member cap

It was the generally agreed that we will only recruit 20 Members until Game Release, though if any come to us of their own will after we reach that limit then we will consider them on a case-by-case basis. The member cap will be increased to 30 once TOR goes live.

Game Retention

Due to the fact that SWTOR is STILL NOT OUT Evil or Very Mad we discussed some ways to fight against retention. We decided that while 'EPOCH speed dating' might be fun, it would not be viable due to inter-species complications. Instead, we had another idea: See "Special Announcement from Tando" below for more details.

RP round-up

Currently Active RPs:

* {For Droid's Sake}
* The Hyperion
* The Last Asylum
* Venom

RPs Currently 'on hold':

* Operation: Silent Running
* Pathway to Stone

Upcoming RPs:

* PJK's {unnamed} D-RP
* 'Gladitorial-style' open D-RP
* Initiate Training RPs

Special Announcement from Tando

Veteran Agent Tando suggested a monthly Short Story Competition and this was universally accepted as an excellent idea. Furthermore the idea evolved somewhat to a Monthly Media Competition, where Agents will be tasked with creating a new piece of media each month (short stories, art, music, videos etc).
It was confirmed that this will start with a Short Story Competition, more details to follow from Tando (I will put a link here when he has posted the details in the forums)

Transcript / Log:

* Note that the D-RP is undergoing a streamlining process to make it less confusing for non-pen'n'paper RPers, and faster in general.

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April Guild Meeting: Points Roundup
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