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 Dynamic RP: Lexicon

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PostSubject: Dynamic RP: Lexicon   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:05 pm

There are plenty of ususual terms and meanings to learn in Dynamic RP (at least to begin with) so listed here are many with their specific meanings. We have most likely missed a few, so consider this a list that will be added to regularly.
Please leave a any observations, questions or comments in the "Dynamic RP: F.A.Q. section.


1.+ To Hit: (fior weapons only) '+ to hit' is the total accumilation of your skill in a weapon, the ability that goes with it and any other modifiers. (Eg: A Pistol Skill of (6)+ a DEX of (1) gives a '+ To Hit' of +7. When attacking, roll a d20 and add your + To Hit total.

2.[number]d[number] (Example 2d6): A short-hand abbreviation meaning to roll a number of dice of a set number of faces. For example 2d6 meants to roll 2 six-sided dice.

3.(Agility) AGI: Agility is the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, speed, strength and coordination. Associated with such skills as Acrobatics, Reflexes and Unarmed Fighting.

4.Awareness) AWA: Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. Associated with such skills as Insight, Medicine, and Perception.

5.Critical Failure/Fumble
: When a 1 is rolled on the Dice Roller (not including modifiers). A Fumble is the worst possible outcome.

6.Critical Success
: When a 20 is rolled on the Dice Roller (not including modifiers). A Critical Success is the best possible outcome.

7.Defense, Fort:
Your character's ability to resist phyiscal harm

8.Defense, Ref: Your character's ability to avoid physical harm

9.Defense, Will: Your character's ability to resist mental harm

10.(Dexterity) DEX: Readiness and grace in physical activity; especially : skill and ease in using the hands (manual dexterity) Associated with such skills as Pistols, Demolitions and Piloting.

11.DR: Damage Reduction: The few rare things with DR reduce the total amount of damage done in a Round by the DR rating. (Eg: Your are attacked by a wielder of a cortosis-weave sword doing 2d8 damage and have a DR of 10. Regardless of what is rolled, if it does less than 10 damage it does not actual harm.

12.Encounter: The term used to describe an entire combat, from beginning to end.

13.Feats: Innate 'always on' passive upgrades for your character.

14.Fort Bonus, Ref Bonus
: The amount added to Fort Defense and Ref Defense from your armour.

15.Game Session
: One entire game of Chat-RP. May not finish in 1 single session, several Stories consist of many Game Sessions.

16.(Intelligence) INT
: : The ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : reason; Associated with such skills as Computers, Galactic Lore and Research.

: Being knocked off one's feet; causes prone stance.

18.(Personality) PER:
The complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group; especially : the totality of an individual's behavioural and emotional characteristics, covering not only trust, inspiration and positive aspects, but also intimidation, manipulation and cunning. Associated with such skills as Guile, Persuasion, and Willpower.

19.(Physique) PHY
: The form or structure of a person's body : bodily make-up. Associated with such skills as Athletics, Fortitude and Melee.

20.Prone: When someone is unable to defend themselves completely, most often caused from the inability to move as needed or otherwise impaired

21.Round: The term used to collectively describe everyone's Turn. Once everyone has had a Turn, that is considered a full Round. Most characters have 1 Turn per Round. Only applies to Encounters.

22.Skills: Specially trained abilities which have to be activated in-game. Skills come in three varieties: Minor, Average and Major.

: The collective term for the entire of one chat-RP.

24.Turn: An action, of any sort, done by a PC or NPC. A basic measurement of what a character can do within a Round. Only applies to Encounters

25.XP (eXPerience): The points awarded for playing in Chat-RP.

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Dynamic RP: Lexicon
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